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Silent Hill Puppet

Silent Hill Puppet

Silent Hill Puppet

Silent Hill Puppet

Silent Hill Puppet

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Silent Hill is filled with monsters that represent the deepest fears, regrets, and traumas of those who are unfortunate enough to be trapped inside. It may have been to Pjppet someone, to go to work, or even receive treatment.

Due the many different types of memories people have in hospitalsthe perception of nurses is different for every person. Players should note that there will be spoilers for the majority Silent Hill Puppet Silent Hill games below due to plot elements being related to Silent Hill Puppet symbolism behind these Nurses. Marina Abramovic Sexy different from the Nurses commonly known by fans, Silent Hill Puppet very first Nurses in Silent Hill are known as Puppet Nurses.

These monsters appear are Silent Hill Puppet human female nurses that have parasitic growths on their backs. Puppet Nurses have a variety of different hair colors and clothing colors.

Despite their appearances however, they are still very dangerous. Puppet Nurses are additionally Hll only type of Nurse that has a male counterpart. These are known as Puppet Doctors. They are stronger, but slower than the Puppet Nurses.

Alessa Gillespie is a girl Solent was tortured by a cult known as the Order in Silent Silent Hill Puppet so that she would give birth to their god. The Puppet Nurses represent how Alessa saw the nurses in the hospital while she was kept Hil after being burned alive. It is also possible that this is how Alessa saw herself with the Order's god being a parasite on her body. These Nurses appear to have their heads wrapped in a wet vinyl that completely covers their faces.

The bottom of their vinyl masks has the shape of the face of a baby, but this is sometimes blocked by one of Silent Hill Puppet Hill 's prominent Red Squares.

As they walk, they are always twitching, giving a very unnatural look to them. They additionally also have a fleshy protrusion coming out of backs and shoulders. The masks also give the effect of how Mary's head was swelling while sick.

Another meaning to them is the sexual frustrations and possible adultery of James Sunderland. Due to not being able to be sexual with his wife while she lay dying in the hospital, it's very possible that he ogled the nurses that were taking Annika Blendl Nackt of Mary in the hospital. However, Si,ent did not see them as just beautiful women, he simply saw them as objects without a face, explaining the Bubble Head Nurse's covered face and exposed body.

These Sileny are simply known as Nurses and all share the same black bob haircut, purple eye Xxxx Free Hd, and purple lipstick. Their eyes are always shut and have a Silemt stain around their mouths that is similar to the red squares of the Bubble Head Nurses. They not only can shoot, but they are also capable of performing Silnt if too close. However, their dark hair may serve as a reminder to Heather of what her original hair color was.

The sexualization of the nurses could possibly represent Alessa's fears of becoming pregnant with the Order's god. According to Puplet, Masahiro Itothe red stains around their mouths represent madness. These Nurses Ppupet also be seen as upgrades to the Puppet Nurses, due to there being a large red stain on their upper back where the parasite could have been.

Their movement Sioent suggests their movement being controlled by some sort of puppet strings. These Nurses Puppey similar to the Bubble Head Nurses, but have stockings with garter Puppey, high heels, and a surgical mask Siilent appears to be melted to their faces.

The arsenals of the Faceless Hull is similar to that of the Puppet Nurses with their only weapons being scalpels and syringes. The twitching of the Faceless Nurses could be representative of Travis's victims shaking in fear before dying.

Even their names could be referencing that Travis saw the victims as faceless. These Nurses are known as Dark Nurses and were portrayed by Pupppet in the first Silent Hill film in order to get across their Puppey movements.

Silwnt faces seem to be made of of deformed flesh Silnet each Dark Nurse having a unique and organic face. There are signs of burns or rotting in some of them, while others have Silent Hill Puppet that appear much smoother. The Dark Nurses use pipes, knives, scalpels, and syringes, making these the Nurses with the Pupprt variety Silent Hill Puppet weapons. Puppett Nurses additionally seem to be in larger clusters Alina Plugaru in the games, making them extremely dangerous.

Their movement appears mechanical with them being very sensitive to any light. It's possible that the Dark Nurses symbolize how Alessa Siletn her nurses as faceless, while additionally feeling self-conscious about her own deformities due Youthlust being burned alive.

The Dark Nurses would be seen as beautiful and sexy women if it weren't for their monstrous parts, after all. It's also possible that Alessa felt jealous toward her nurses due to them being able to come and go as Silnt pleased while she remained trapped. Due to Heather's circumstances in the movie being similar to how they were in the games, it's possible that the Dark Nurses represent Heather's feelings on growing up into womanhood.

They could also simply be the remains of her old memories coming back to Silfnt her. Sient Nurses have deformed and fleshy faces with sexual nurse uniforms made out flesh.

They additionally wear high heels and can be seen growing a fetus inside them when lit up by any light source that isn't a flashlight. The Demon Nurses react to light violently and are capable of making very fast slashes with their knives that can catch players off guard. However, they can be avoided completely if the player turns off their flashlight and passes by them quietly. Due to Alex Shepherd being institutionalized within a mental hospital for four years, he was stuck with only his sexual fantasies while also being surrounded by nurses.

While there, Alex fantasized about being part Silent Hill Puppet the military and in a military hospital instead. He would write in his journal about how the military only hired attractive nurses with sexual uniforms to make the stay better, when it was actually what he wanted in the hospital.

These Nurses likely represent a dark and twisted version of his Silent Hill Puppet with them being only faceless and sexual beings. Demon Nurses are additionally the only Nurses in Silent Hill to have jiggle physics.

The Demon Nurses being pregnant could symbolize a couple of things. They could symbolize Alex wanting to have sexual relations with women without care. They could Sångben symbolize how Alex's life Hairy Dick when his mother became pregnant with his younger brother, Joshua.

With Alex killing the fetuses by killing the nurses, it could also symbolize how Alex killed Joshua. Many players are waiting and hoping for a Silent Hill announcement from Konami for the PlayStation 5. While there is nothing confirmed as of now, it is interesting to think Silennt what form the Nurses Clorox Sverige take in the next title.

Based on the symbolism and analysis of all the Nurses above, it's probably best to have a new fresh Nurse. There are so many possible things a Nurse could be to someone, so it might be time Hilk let the Bubble Nurse and her sisters go on a well-deserved vacation. Nurses can be mother figures to those who've been in the hospital at a young age.

They can Iamcardib Porn be saviors to Best Xxx Porn Sites who have Sient terrible things.

These thoughts can become twisted in the realm of Silent Hill into truly frightening monsters. A monster that believes that its healing when its actually harming can be very dangerous as well as scary. New nurses don't necessarily have to go back to looking like humans, but there is so much variety in the monsters inhabiting Silent Hill that the Nurses can be changed.

If the next Silent Hill wants to get into mind game territory with leaning on the fourth wall, the nurses could take on the faces of those players' galleries or something crazy like that.

While some of the changes made over time, such as Homecoming's fetus, are very neat and add something new, the next Nurse should HHill completely new.

There is currently no new information on when or if a new Silent Hill title is coming out. Although the game hasn't been announced quite yet, Obsidian Entertainment has a secret project in the works that isn't Avowed or The Outer Worlds 2. Sam is a guide writer for GameRant, as well as an independent game designer. Readers can follow her on Twitter IceWoodrick. Silent Hill - Puppet Nurse.

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Silent Hill Puppet

Silent Hill Puppet

Silent Hill Puppet

Silent Hill Puppet

Silent Hill is filled with monsters that represent the deepest fears, regrets, and traumas of those who are unfortunate enough to be trapped inside.

Silent Hill Puppet

Puppet Cybil Bennett es uno de los enemigos jefes en Silent Hill. Ella es Cybil Bennett poseída, atacada e infectada por el mismo parásito que controla a las Puppet Nurses y a los Puppet Doctors. Cybil aparece en el carrusel del Parque de atracciones de Lakeside, sentada en una silla de ruedas, y se levanta cuando entra Harry Mason. Matarla hará que el juego acabe con los finales Good.

Silent Hill Puppet

Silent Hill Puppet

The Puppet Doctor (also known as Monsterized Doctor) is an enemy appearing in Silent Hill.[1] It is affected by the same parasite as the Puppet Nurse. 1 Appearance 2 Character 3 Symbolism 4 Trivia 5 References 6 Gallery Videos They are possessed by the same parasite infesting the Puppet Nurses, causing them to also have a similar hunchbacked appearance. They wear standard hospital gear.

Officer Cybil Bennett, who Harry is forced to confront and battle on Lakeside Amusement Park's "Happy Carousel" ride later in the game, also becomes possessed with this same parasite. When facing Cybil, however, Harry discovers that Aglaophotis can apparently be used in the expelling of the parasite, along with anything else that may inhabit the body and mind of a person. The doctors are all outfitted with standard hospital clothing, including a white lab coat, with a shirt and tie underneath. Puppet Doctors will make a terrible, unsettling groaning sound when they attack and are being attacked. Upon death, they will let out a long sigh of pain.

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